I’m happy as can be and I still want you back

yo I just want a cute girl to have sex with and take to dinner

bbloggspott: do you think chaz ortiz looks like a reggaeton musician?


Hahahha I don’t know

Anonymous: how is jim greco a douche? serious question.


Look a few posts back where he’s attempting to take credit for split veneers where the decks he’s using as an example are knock offs themselves. Deathwish tries so hard to appeal to kids with the clown ass graphics and glorifying drinking and marijuana. I mean, they sponsor Furby for christsakes. Now he’s trying to be the next berrics with “house of hammers”. He’s just a kook. Go do some more darkslides and pretend to be a rock star

You know you’re fat when the iPod screen breaks from you accidentally sitting on it. Yay.

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