there are things in that post that are mad ignorant but it wasn’t a post of reverence, just read it for entertainment and take from it what you would like.

Things I Look For in a Person

these are all key things that make a person interesting or intriguing (same thing 2 me rlly), okay.
so first things first
-independent thinking: I like people who think for themselves and do not rely on other people or rules or anything to live. like you are your own person and you can figure out how things work on your own, you are given a set of eyes and a brain for a reason so don’t just put yourself on autopilot and hope for the best, make decisions that are the best for the situations you are put in and do the best you can given each situation. okay, that’s all for that.
-self expression: it’s very important to express yourself, everyone is different due to genetics and environment and wtvr else, we are extremely similar but there are innumerous (google’d it, not a real word, but what I mean is too many to count) minuscule details about us that we are all extremely different as well. so express that, let people know what you’re about, or not. let them find out on their own, just make sure you are a person though and not a fucking robot who follows trends and crowds for no reason. you can get to know yourself and by doing that you will make better decisions for yourself and have a better life so ya. just be yourself basically.
-accenting: accent your assets, if you have an interesting set of legs, wear shit that accents them. if you have cool hair, grow that shit out and never wear hats. if you have huge tits, do not show them to the public. I’ve said this before, if you want, show em, your choice, but how cool would it be to like tape them down and make them look smaller and then when you are in bed with your partner, let them free and surprise him/her, it would be such a nice surprise I think. also, this way would definitely promote genuine interest in yourself rather than a barbaric fucking retard liking you for your large breasts.
-passion: find something you love, immerse yourself in it, and become passionate. this can be anything, anything that intrigues you has potential to become a passion. just make sure it promotes like a healthy/beneficial lifestyle for you or you can at least make that happen. like don’t become passionate about something harmful to yourself or others, that makes no sense.
-nonchalance: this is what gives someone that air of “cool” to me. you know, nonchalance is in “cool’s” ancestry, this is it’s roots. There is something so great about someone not giving a damn what others think and just doing things for the sole reason that they like it themselves and they enjoy it. so ya know, fuck the haters man and do you. do what makes you happy and if people don’t like it, they are probably jealous cause they don’t have it like you. and you know you should never feel bad about lucking out and having been given opportunity.
-genuineness: this ones right according Merri-Dub’s but yeah u knowwuddymezay’n, uh nothing is more attractive than “real”, if you live your life like being true, telling the truth, and like just reporting actual facts, and attempting to not be biased, also accepting faults and whatever, that is very important in being “real” too. like just accept shit that you do wrong, realest thing you can do. just own up. don’t be a pussy, yeah we are all wrong sometimes, no ones perfect, not a secret. but yeah, to hang out with someone who’s not about a bunch of bullshit is really cool.
-logic: logic, logic, logic, being logical and rational and learning how things and people work, is so fucking tight. like just try it sometime rather than depending on your intuition for once, you will learn some awesome shit and make some really good decisions. it’s cool.

okay these are just a few things and I know they all go hand in hand, but yeah these things are all really key components of an awesome person. just remember that if you do not encompass all these things, you are still really cool and I still like you! it’s just these are a few things I thought to write about. uhm thanks for sticking through if you did, idk how you have in this world of 6 second vines and 15 second insta vids but I do appreciate it. I can write more if anyone would like but I need to sleep and I think I just wrote this to make me more tired. alright guys, thanks again. goodnight.

Heurtebise from Evans on Vimeo.