gotta stop saying gay shit on tumblr at night

I wanna show a girl a good time and be good for someone for once. I just wanna be with them, like BE with them. not forcing anything and trying to do anything for the wrong reason. just let our relationship happen if that makes any sense. just how it should be, not any fake fucking bullshit. just a real relationship with someone. I would like that.

Next relationship gonna be real picky jah feel. not no middle of the mall shit. I’ve been with wonderful girls and ruined every relationship I’ve been in just because I have been in the wrong state of mind. I don’t need a relationship right now, I’m just sayin next time I’m gonna be able to handle it a lot better than I have previously.

I’m happy as can be and I still want you back

yo I just want a cute girl to have sex with and take to dinner

bbloggspott: do you think chaz ortiz looks like a reggaeton musician?


Hahahha I don’t know